There Are 16 Types of Musicians.

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Learn Your Myers-Briggs Type

Take the brand new iNtuitive Musician Personality Assessment test and learn your type in about 20 minutes.

Learn the Myers-Briggs System

We'll start from the very beginning and go through the entire Myers-Briggs system. You'll learn what each of the letters means, you'll learn about each of the four temperaments and you'll learn about each individual type over the course of 26 video lessons.

Over 100 Video Examples

Watch over 100 video examples of famous musicians demonstrating each of the traits and types in the Myers-Briggs system so you'll be able to identify them in yourself and others.

"Scott is a consumate pro, and so passionate about his work. I highly recommend him if you want to take your own learning further, double down on your own skills and super powers, and otherwise max out your relationships inside and outside the musical and artistic world. He is, flat out, the guy."

Patrick Cronen

"Scott James is a brilliant profiler who truly cares about helping people. He understands musicians and was able to really get to the issues and figure out my true personality type in a short period of time."

Margaret McClure

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Module #1 - Learn Your Type

imacright_790x926-4First, you'll learn your Myers-Briggs type. This will give you immediate insight to help you succeed as a musician. It will also give you a starting point to help you understand and interpret the rest of the course so you can more effectively identify and communicate with the different types of people you'll need to deal with in your career.

Module #2 - Introduction to Myers-Briggs

imacright_790x926-3Now that you've got some immediate and applicable information on your own type, we'll dive into the Myers-Briggs theory itself - what it is, where it came from and how you can use it as a musician.

Module #3 - What the 4 Letters Mean

imacright_790x926-2In this module we'll cover what each of the four letters mean in the Myers-Briggs type code, such as "I" for "Introvert" and "E" for "Extravert". We'll watch a number of video examples from famous musicians so you can see each trait illustrated and so you can identify these traits in the people you know.

Module #4 - The 4 Temperaments and the 16 Types

imacright_100x117Next we'll cover the 4 temperaments and each of the 16 types in detail with video examples to illustrate the traits discussed. You'll also have access to a list of hundreds of well-known musicians' Myers-Briggs types, including many that aren't listed anywhere else. Lessons discuss and demonstrate the unique qualities and traits of each type and offer tips for musicians of each type and tips for communicating with people of each type.

Module #5 - Bonus Content

The bonus videos cover content that goes beyond learning the system itself. Topics include philosophy, self-development, energy management & emulating musicians of your type.

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Is the course only for musicians? +

The course is designed for musicians, though it will be suitable for anyone who would like to learn the Myers-Briggs system. It's also suitable for more advanced students who would benefit from the more than 100 video examples to help identify others' personality types.

What content does the course cover? +

An Overview of Myers-Briggs

How Myers-Briggs relates to musicians

The 4 Letter Code

The 4 Temperaments

Each of the 16 Types

Bonus Content Includes: Emulating Musicians of Your Type, Philosophy, Energy Management & Personal Development