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Myers Briggs profiles of well known and famous musicians.

Tori Amos - INFJ

Tori Amos – INFJ

Tori Amos grew up in a very religious household in Newton, North Carolina. Fortunately, though they had concerns, her parents were supportive of her music. She started playing piano at age 5 and was playing bars as early as age 13. She spent her mid twenties in a group Y Kant Tori Read that included…

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Kara Dioguardi – ENTJ

Kara Dioguardi broke into the music business as a songwriter with the song “Spinning Around” by Kylie Minogue in 2000. Since then she’s had over 150 songs on platinum selling albums and has gone on to be a successful performer, producer and Americal Idol judge. Kara is an ENTJ, a type which is fairly rare…

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Pink – ESTP

In this post we’ll take a look at 100 million + record selling artist Pink. Pink (aka P!nk) is an ESTP. ESTP, as with other Sensor-Percievers, are sensation seekers. They live in the moment and enjoy life through their 5 senses. ESTPs in particular can often be blunt, straight-shooters and ball-busters. This is largely due…

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Kanye West – ISFP

Kanye West is one of the best known, most controversial and most influential figures in popular music and beyond. He’s also one of the most mis-typed musicians I’ve found. One of the first things that often becomes evident when observing Kanye is his primary function, Introverted Feeling. Introverted Feeling evaluates information from the perspective of…

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Corinne Bailey Rae – INFP

In this post we’ll take a look at British multi-Grammy winning singer-songwriter Corinne Bailey Rae. Corinne is a clear example of an INFP musician. INFPs are, by nature, very subjective. They see and enjoy the world in ways that can’t be easily labeled or quantified. This is in sharp contrast to INTPs who see the…

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Kate Micucci – INTP

In this post we’ll take a look at the multi-talented INTP actress/comedian/musician Kate Micucci. Kate is best known as a musician for her work in the duo Garfunkel and Oates. INTPs’ primary function is Introverted Thinking. This function evaluates information based on logic and truth. INTP musicians can be very technical and logical. As is…

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Frank Sinatra – ESTJ

Frank Sinatra is one of the most iconic singers in American history. Over the course of his career he won 11 grammy awards and recorded 65 top 40 hits. Sinatra was an ESTJ, which is a relatively rare personality type amongst well known singers. ESTJs tend to be no-nonsense, take-charge people with traditional values. ESTJs’…

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Rod Stewart – ENFP

Rod Stewart is one of the greatest selling artists of all time with over 100 million records sold. His quirky, playful, extraverted demeanor on display in the above video are traits you’ll often see from those of his personality type, ENFP. ENFPs relate to their environment through a process called Extraverted iNtuition. This process uses…

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Lady Gaga – ISFP

In this post we’ll take a look at one of the most famous artists in the world, Lady Gaga. Gaga is an ISFP, the most common type amongst musicians. ISFPs are almost universally artistic in some way. ISFPs’ primary function is Introverted Feeling, which evaluates information based on subjective, feeling-based criteria. Self expression is one…

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In this profile we’ll take a look at one of the most influential artists in Hip-Hop, KRS-One. KRS is a great example of an ENFJ. The ENFJ type has been given nicknames such as ‘The Teacher’ or ‘The Councilor’. It’s no coincidence that KRS is often referred to by the nickname ‘The Teacha’. An ENFJ’s…

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