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Visualization and Making Your Dreams a Reality – Interview with Demian...

Demian Arriaga (INFJ), tells us what it's like to play for 60,000 people and what it takes to get there.

Best of: ENTP Music

Best of: ENTJ Music

Best of: ENFJ Music


Best of: ENTP Music

ENTPs are quick-witted, bold and unique. They tend to favor novelty over repetition. Their music is often unusual, sometimes complex and rarely boring!

Best of: ENTJ Music

This is post number 7 in a series of posts that celebrates the music of each iNtuitive personality type. I’ve chosen songs that I feel uniquely...

Best of: ENFJ Music

Best of: ENFP Music

Best of: INTP Music

Best of: INTJ Music

Best of: INFJ Music

Best of: INFP Music


John Lennon – INFP or ENFP?

One artist who's personality type is often debated is John Lennon. It's widely agreed that he was either INFP or ENFP. Most people arrive at...




Orianthi – ISTP

Orianthi is one of the best known guitarists in popular music today. She's played with legends such as Michael Jackson, Alice Cooper, Steve Vai and Michael Bolton.

Sammy Davis Jr. – ESFJ

In this post we'll take a look at one of America's most beloved entertainers of the past century, Sammy Davis Jr. Sammy's Myers Briggs type was ESFJ.
Prince - ISFP

Prince – ISFP

In this profile we'll take a look at one of the greatest musician geniuses of the past century, Prince. Prince is an ISFP in the Myers Briggs system.
Diana Ross

Diana Ross – ESFJ

This will be our first profile of an artist with a sensory preference. 'Sensors', as we call them in the Myers Briggs system, are more oriented to the world of what's verifiable with their senses and are less inclined to look for hidden meanings or patterns.

James Hetfield – INTJ

James Hetfield is one of the most respected frontmen in the history of heavy metal. He's the singer, rhythm guitarist and primary songwriter for Metallica.